Welcome to my blog, One Creative Mom!
I am a working mother who loves to create works of art.  Well, works of art in my eyes.  I don’t consider myself a professional artist, but I love how I get into a zone when I am creating things.  You know that “zone”, where you block out everything and the next thing you know, you have artwork sitting in front of you that you created!!  I love that feeling!!!
I had an original blog called “One Crafty Mom” on blogger but decided to move that here and give the blog an update.  You can still see my old posts on the old blog here.  I will be posting all of my crafting items here.  This will range from scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking, ect. 
Currently on my plate of things to do is my sisters wedding invitations for November 2011, wedding invitations for a couple of good friends of mine for March 2012, and I will be the wedding coordinator for my neice’s wedding this coming Saturday!  Although I’m not crafting anything for my neices wedding, she is just using my leadership/organizational skills to get things done on the day of the wedding.  Because I love weddings, I will be posting pictures from her’s with her permission of course.
I hope you like the new blog.  Please subscribe so that you can get e-mail updates of any new posts I make.  If you also have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at tricia520@gmail.com or leave a comment.  All emails and comments are read my me!
Thanks for visting my blog!



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