A Giraffe!!! Really?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I don’t think my daughter could ever make a holloween costume more difficult than by wanting to be a giraffe this year!

Last year she was a tiger and I did her make up too.  It came out pretty good for only having a few weeks.  I bought this halloween Tshirt that was the same orangeish color that tigers are that had a saying on the front.  All I did was turn the tshirt inside out and drew on the Tshirt with a black permanent marker the tiger stripes.  I then found a tiger half-face mask and tail which she also used.  She wore a black skirt and I also found an orange and black striped pantyhose.  Here is her picture from school.

My daughter's Tiger costume from Halloween 2010. (Photo owned by author.)

So, I explained to her how difficult it has already been just to find ideas for a giraffe costume.  Well now she tells me that she wants to be Tinkerbell since she has never been tinkerbell before and that is her favorite Disney character.  Although it would be easier to just buy the costume, I am looking for ideas on how to put my stamp on it as well.  We will see how it all comes out.  😉



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