My beautiful Teenage Tinkerbell!!!

So my daughter was kind to her dear old mom and decided on a Tinkerbell costume for Halloween instead of her original idea of a Giraffe.  Now, my teen age daughter is 2 inches taller than me and can wear my clothes so a kids tinkerbell outfit was out of the question.  However, with her being only a teenager, I nor her father were comfortable with her wearing an adult size tinkerbell costume.  (They are more suggestive than her adolescent years.) 

So I decided to create a teenage tinkerbell outfit.  I was shopping in Walmart when I made this decision after going row after row of in appropriate costumes for my daughter.  I proceeded to head to the women’s clothing section and scoured their clearance racks.  I found a cute top that was in my daughter’s size and it was the right tinkerbell green color.  The best part was that it was marked down to Three dollars!  Woo Hoo!!!!

I next tried to look for some leggings or colored stockings, but couldn’t find anything in the right color.  Then I came across these pretty purple yoga pants that I know my daughter would wear again and again.  (She loves yoga pants because they are so comfortable.)  So that consisted of my daughter’s basic Teenage Tinkerbell costume, the green top and the purple yoga pants.  While at a party store looking for items for my sister’s bridal shower, I found the perfect set of wings for my teenage tinkerbell. 

After showing her all that I purchased, she said that she wanted a tutu as well.  A tutu???  I was already low on funds and was dumbstruck.  Then it hit me!!!  At my niece’s wedding last month, my sister helped decorate her niece’s wedding arch with a bunch of tulle.  I asked her if she had any left and she did.  I proceeded to make a simple tutu by making what I call a “tunnel” by loosely single stitching approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches below the fold and when I was done, I gently pulled on the threading to scrunch the tulle together.  I made it long enough to fit around my daughter.  I had planned to spray paint it the same green as the top, but lost the green spray paint that I had purchased.  She ended up just wearing a white tulle tutu over the purple yoga pants.

For her make up, I went a did a full make up on my daughter, her first!  I did her eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipgloss.  She loved it!  I also put her hair up in a bun like Tinkerbell.  It was a tough feat to accomplish but I did.  You see, my daughter has very long hair and I tried just putting it in a ponytail and pin it but it didn’t stay.  I also bought a hair accessory that was supposed to do the job, but that too failed.  I ended up braiding her long ponytailed hair and pining it in place.  It worked!  I also used glitter body gel on her face to highlight it.  She looked to pretty!!!

She looked so beautiful!!!  My teenage tinkerbell is growing up!  Here is her picture before going trick-or-treating at my house…

My Teenage Tinkerbell (Photo owned by author)

Here she is with her stepsister and you can see my daughters full costume.

(Photo owned by author)


Breakdown of the Costs of the Teenage Tinkerbell costume:

Green Top    $3.00, Purple yoga pants   $12.99,   and Wings  $20.00 = $35.99

Was it cheaper than the adult costume…eh…not so much.  But my daughter feeling comfortable in her costume and out trick or treating is PRICELESS!!

I hope all of your little goblins and ghouls has a wonderful Halloween!!!


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