Temporary short hiatus…

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be on a short hiatus.  Yesterday, my daughter missed a step and fell down at school.  She ended up spraining her ankle and is currently on crutches.  Also, at the end of this month, we are moving.  So I will be back the first full week of December.  I have some new craft projects I worked on over the past few weeks that I wanted to post about.  I have my sister’s bridal shower invitation that me and another of my sisters designed.  I also have my daughter’s last birthday party.  It was a Spa party!!! 

I also will be posting about our upcoming Christmas dinner party.  Every year, Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually done at my younger sister’s house because she can accomodate our family.  Well my brother-in-law has hurt his back and they can’t do both holidays.  So my hubby and I decided to help and take Christmas to give them a break.  We have a lot of things planned and depending on where we move to, we might get to do all that we planned. 

Tune in and see what happens!!!

Till then… Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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