It’s time to face reality…

One of my other hobbies/obsessions is genealogy.  I have a genealogy blog and you can read it here.  Well a few weeks ago I ordered and received my grandmother’s death certificate.  On it, it says that she died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.  However, what bothered me was the other condition listed, it is Diabetes.  I knew that diabetes runs in my mom’s side of the family but it was sobering to find that it runs on my Dad’s side of the family as well.  To me, it means that if I don’t get a handle on my type 2 diabetes, I could be in real trouble.

So I have decided to lose 20 lbs by the time my daughter and I go on vacation at the end of November.  My doctor has told me that even losing just 10 lbs will help and lower my A1C level.   (To find out more about diabetes and A1C levels, read here.)  Although I am not comfortable stating my weight online, I will be posting about my efforts on this weight loss including my highs and lows.

I hope that you will join me on my journey through the diabetic maze.


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