Good news!

          About two months ago, I had an appointment with my doctor, he said that the current diebetic medication is not working well enough to control my blood sugar and that we might have to add an additional one.  Now, I was worried at first but I was told that a lot of dibetic patients have more than one medicine to help control their blood sugar.  Now, I am not so worried, but it is my goal to eventually lose enough weight to get off the medication.  My doctor did tell me that for the past two years, I had lost 15 pounds.  Now, I haven’t started my exercise routine yet, but I figured that I lost that weight, just by changing the way I eat.  I try to eat less fast foods, less fried foods, and used the diebetic plate method.   The diabetic plate method is a great method to follow and will definately help you change the way you eat. 

          You take your plate and divide it in half (no…don’t break the plate in half or draw on it, that wouldn’t be good) on one half you can have your non-starchy vegtable (spinach, carrots, lettuce, greens, cabbage, bok choy, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes, mmmm…yummy salad!), the other half is split in half with one quarter section for your startches such as whole grain breads, rye , rice, pasta or tortillas.  The other quarter section is for your proteins or meat which could include chicken or turkey without the skin, fish such as tuna, salmon, cod, or catfish, and other seafood such as shrimp, clams, oysters, crab or mussels.  These changes helped me to lose these 15 pounds without exercising.  It also helped me place the foundation of better eating choices so that this change will last for a long time.   You can read more about the diabetic plate method here

         So here is the really good news part.  At that appointment, my doctor order my lab test to see where my levels were.  Well I got back my results.  In 2011 was probably my worst health year that I believe I had.  Although my bad cholesteral was not too high, my good cholesteral was low and in 2011, my triglycerides shot up to over 300 mg!  This is bad!  This is very bad as it is an indicator of your heart health.  I have done a spreadsheet for the past 3 years listing my results of my lab results and although my triglycerides were over the target rate a few years, it wasn’t over too much, so 2011 was my worst year.  I also see that my A1c level has been playing teeter-totter as well.  It wasn’t too high, but again in 2011, it was the highest. 

          Now the GOOD NEWS:  on my last blood test a few months ago, my A1c did come down a bit which is the direction I want it in, but….my triglycerides have dropped 224 mg and are now in the normal range!  I am hoping that with the next round of lab tests, it will stay that way and I can get off my cholesterol medication.

          Remember, changing the way you eat can only do good things to your body and keep you and your heart in the best shape!


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