Photos from my daughter’s 14th Birthday party.

A few months ago was my daughter’s birthday party.  You can read about my original post on this event here.    I finally got the pictures from that event uploaded.  Here we go…

The only item that I truly made myself were the decorations for the favor bags.  I found favor bags on sale at Micheal’s in the tropical colors that I needed and I used my Cricut cartridge “Luau” to cut out the hibiscus flowers that were attached to the bag.  Here are two of the bags.

Photo from author’s private collection. Used with permission.

Photo from author’s private collection. Used with permission.

Here are the bags with the goodies that were put into the bags for the guests.  The girls each got leis and in the bags were not only candy, but a flip-flop key ring, note pad with a pen, and a hibiscus flower for the hair.

We did decorate the rest of the house with the following:

The girls had a great time with the murder mystery party.  Besides the decorations, we had a tropical theme for the menu as well.  Appetizers:  Sweet & Sour Turkey Meatballs, Fruit with a tropical yogurt dip and BBQ Mini Weenies.  Our main course was BBQ Pulled Pork mini Sandwiches and our sides were ambrosia and although not really tropical in nature, I made my broccoli salad.

Of course, what would a birthday party be without a birthday cake???

This cake was my daughter’s favorite…carrot cake.  There was drama with the bakery but the party went on and the cake was tasty.   Here are some more pictures of the girls enjoying the party.

The birthday girl opening gifts.

Birthday girl loving her cake.

Blowing out the candles.

After the murder mystery party was over, the food eaten, and the gifts open; the girls who were left went swimming for about an hour or so before the parents started to come and pick up the girls who were not going to spend the night.  My daughter had two of her best girlfriends spend the night so they stayed in the pool for a while longer.  They stayed up watching shows and movies on Netflix and snacked on popcorn and red licorice.

All in all, the kids and the birthday girl had a great time and all will remember this for a long time..


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