Where have I been???

I know its been awhile since I last posted.  I have been participating in the ProGen15 group.  This is a  genealogy group of people who study the Professional Genealogist, by Elizabeth Shown Mills for 18 months.  Each month we are assigned chapters to read and an assignment to complete.  The last few months were pretty stressful and the assignments were pretty hard and complex, but that is where I have been.

During those few months that I was away, a few fun and interesting things have happened.  First, my daughter and I are going to Walt Disney World next month and I had decided to work on a few DIY projects.  One project I won’t be able to do into details here yet.  Its a surprise for my daughter, and she reads my blog.  I will be taking pictures while I work on it and will post them after the trip.  The second project is Mickey Tie Dye T-shirts.  Two will be for the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and the other two will be just for another day during the trip.  The third project is that my daughter and I will be decorating our resort window and possibly door for Christmas while we are there.  Some of the decorations will be DIY.  I will be posting about all of these projects and will include the pictures.

Second, I had the opportunity to participate in the new Weight Watcher’s D2 program.  Its a weight loss program for those with Type 2 Diabetes.  It is an interesting concept that I still have some questions about, but I will go into it in a separate post.

Third, and the most closest to my heart, my husband and I decided to buckle down and do what ever it takes to get us pregnant within the next year.  A big major roadblock is my weight and diabetes which is why I am in the Weight Watcher’s D2 program and we both are on a weight loss plan.  With diabetes, I was told that I needed to make sure that my fasting blood sugar numbers should be in the 90-110 range.  Well my normal morning numbers were around 230 – 250.  Needless to say, it was very high.  My doctor prescribed another diabetic medication and it has brought my numbers down, just not far down enough, yet.  Now, my morning fasting numbers are around 150ish.  Its better but we still have to go down some more.  I was told that if I hold the morning fasting numbers for about a month or two, I will have the green light to try to get pregnant.  Once I have a positive pregnancy test, I have to let my OB/GYN and my Endocrinologist know and I will be taken off of my medication and put on insulin for the pregnancy and while I am breast feeding the baby.  Once I am done breast feeding, I will switch back to my medication.

So coming soon, there will be several post including pictures.  Thank you for subscribing and reading my blog and my posts.  I do appreciate it!

Have a great morning and a wonderful day!  🙂


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