Diabetes and life…it keeps rolling on.

A few weeks ago I received an email from the American Diabetes Association saying that they believed I qualified for a new program that Weight Watchers was working on.  After a few crypted emails from the Weight Watcher’s representatives, I was enrolled in Weight Watcher’s new D2 program.  In this pilot program phase, D2 is a weight loss program for those who are type 2 diabetics.  Now the requirements I had to qualify for are as follows: 

  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Want to lose 11+ pounds
  • Have access to an Internet-enabled computer
  • Live in the Los Angeles/Southern California area and be able to attend Weight Watchers meetings locally
  • Have type 2 diabetes as diagnosed by a physician
  • Not be a current Weight Watchers meetings member or Weight Watchers Online subscriber
  • Not be pregnant or nursing, or have a currently diagnosed eating disorder

What I get in return is 3 free months of this new Weight Watcher’s D2 program incluing eTools.  Only the first 300 qualified people were being given this offer and when I received the first email, I jumped right on it and responded. 

Fast foward 2 weeks and I am getting ready to start week three on the D2 program.  Now, six years ago, I was on the Weight Watchers plan and was successful in losing 20 lbs.  This time its a little different.  I am a little older, am now a diabetic (which requires a slight change in the foods I eat), and quite frankly a little bit more lazier.  I know…I’m shocked and amazed at that last statement too!   

The first week, I gained .4lbs.  Yes, almost a half a pound.  I am supposed to attend my meeting tomorrow but I have a previous engagement that prevents me from doing so but will attend the meeting on Sunday.  I will post more on that in a little bit.  I have been more diligent in tracking the food I eat this 2nd week as opposed to the 1st, but it still takes some getting used to.

So far, I have found that my energy has been a lot better.  I don’t feel like I am having any lows or any high spikes.  I know that I can be sucesssful on this program I just have to maintain my diligence in tracking my foods.  Its hard but I know I can do it!

Do you have any problems with losing weight like I have with my tracking?  Comment and let me know!


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