I Aspire – November 2012

                Yesterday I spend a good 30-40 minutes writing this post only to find out that it didn’t post.  Instead, it was sent to the damp, dark, outer reaches of the internet oblivion.  I have no idea what happened to it, but I do know that it didn’t post.  So here is my second attempt to post.  It’s a day later than I wanted but I think that will be ok.

                This post will be a regular post that will show up on the first of the month.  That is of course, if it doesn’t get sent to the internet oblivion!   Hahahaha, I’m just kidding, sort of.  😉  This regular post will showcase all of the things that I aspire to accomplish for the month that it is written in.  So, without further ado, here is this month’s aspiration list.

                Writing – I have done two things regarding my blog and writing.  First, I have created an editorial calendar for this blog to help me stay focused on the things I need to write about.  It also helps me if and when I get writer’s block.  I will be posting about the editorial calendar a little later.  I have committed to keep up with the editorial calendar and to post more frequently.  Although I have a set number of weekly postings in my head, I want to make sure that I can make the minimum and then add on if needed.

                Crafting – I have several craft projects that I need to complete within the next few weeks.  These are for our WDW vacation trip of 2012.  One project I can’t get into details here yet.  It’s a surprise for my daughter and although she doesn’t read this blog directly, she does read it when it automatically posts to my Facebook page and she reads it there.  So I won’t be posting it now, but will be posting all of the details after the reveal and the trip.   The other project is for Tie-Dye t-shirts for my daughter and me.  We are both excited about working on this.   I will be posting the results of our tie-dye t-shirt escapade when we are done and I will make sure to take pictures.

                Scrapbooking/Stamping – I have two scrapbooking projects that have been waiting for me to complete.  One is my wedding album and the other is the WDW Vacation album from 2008 when my daughter and I first went to WDW.  Oh, and I was married two years ago.  Yeah, they have been waiting for that long.  Although the holidays and our vacation are coming up, I still want to start planning these pages.  My scrapbook planning process is that first, I think of page ideas.  This includes designing the page with paper, accents and accessories and the pictures.  Then, a little later, I will actually put it together.  I am thinking of doing this in late December, early January 2013.  I will keep you updated on the planning progress.

                Diabetes – Several weeks ago, I joined the Weight Watchers D2 pilot program.  This program is their points plus program but for diabetics.  I was lucky in getting the invitation to join this program and I am glad I did.  Although I haven’t lost any weight yet, I have learned so much more about eating right.  I also learned that although I need carbs for my body’s energy supply, I need to make sure I eat the long lasting carbs such as wheat bread and brown rice.  Also a few weeks ago, I was put on a second diabetic medication and the two are now working together.  They have brought my morning fasting numbers from 250-280 range down to 130-150 range.  With these better morning numbers, I feel a lot better!  I don’t remember the last time I felt this good!  I feel so blessed to have better numbers and to have been selected for the WW D2 pilot program and although the pilot program is free, I would have paid for it.    Although I am feeling better than I have since I was diagnosed a Type 2 Diabetic, I know that I need to keep working at it.  I aspire to keep tracking my blood sugar numbers and to also keep track of the food I eat for Weight Watchers D2 program.

                Organization – Although I am one uber organized, type A personality (yes I have my DVD collection alphabetized by movie title), multi-tasking mama; I don’t have my crafting supplies as organized as I want it to be.   So my task for this category is to start thinking and planning on a more efficient way for me to be able to do all of the things I want to do, Scrapbooking/Stamping; crafting; sewing; creating and yes, blogging.  I will keep y’all updated on this progress.

                So there you have it.  My list of things I aspire to think about, plan, start working on, or complete this month.  It might change, and it might also morph into a whole different being, but that’s ok.  Change is a good thing!  Please let me know what is on your to do list this month.  Comment love is very much appreciated and I read every single one.

                Have a great day!



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