One Creative Mom’s Editorial Calendar

As a blog owner/author, it is essential to stay on top of what you plan to post and when you plan to post it.  One great tool to keep track of this information is the editorial calendar.

In the editorial calendar for this blog, I have the following posts planned along with the following frequency:

  • I Aspire – First of the Month – this post will list all of the things (diabetes, scrapbooking/stamping, crafting, sewing, ect..) I would like to finish in the upcoming month.
  • Military Monday – 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month – this post will highlight any creative item that I find either in my daily travels or on the internet that is military oriented.
  • Tuesday’s Events – Last Tuesday of the Month – This post will list all of the creative expo’s, conferences and events that will be coming up in the future.
  • Wordless Wednesday – 2nd Wednesday of the month – this post will showcase a photograph having to do with a creative item.  Minimal information will be given and in some cases, it will just be a picture.
  • Thankful Thursday – Last Thursday of the month – this post will showcase the things I am thankful for.
  • Fab Friday – 3rd Friday of the month – this post will list any item that I find fabulous whether it is a craft tool, new craft blog or a new craft item.

Of course these pre-planned posts are just to help me keep the writing flowing and help me to prevent writer’s block.  There will be other spontaneous posts about things I come across or things that I believe would be of interest to you, my readers.

This editorial calendar is good for the month of November and December.  It might change after that and that’s ok.  I always believe that change can be a good thing and this is a changing, flexable editorial calendar. 

Let me know if there is anyting you want to see me write about.  I always ❤ comment love and will read each one!!!


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