UPDATE – One Creative Mom’s Editorial Calendar

As I said when I first published my editorial calendar, it was only good for November and December and that it would be a flexible and changing calendar.

I am here to provide an update to the editorial calendar.  As those who have read my blog, you would have noticed that I hardley followed my editorial calendar as I had posted it.  So, I am making a few changes to update the editorial calendar.


  • I Aspire – First of the Month – this post will list all of the things (diabetes, scrapbooking/stamping, crafting, sewing, ect..) I would like to finish in the upcoming month.
  • Military Monday – 1st and 3rd  Second Mondays of the month – this post will highlight any creative item that I find either in my daily travels or on the internet that is military oriented.
  • Tuesday’s Events – Last Tuesday of the Month – This post will list all of the creative expo’s, conferences and events that will be coming up in the future.   This will be posted when the information is received and the post will not be set for a certain day of the month.
  • Wordless Wednesday – 2nd Wednesday of the month – this post will showcase a photograph having to do with a creative item.  Minimal information will be given and in some cases, it will just be a picture.
  • Thankful Thursday – Last Thursday of the month – this post will showcase the things I am thankful for.
  • Fab Friday – 3rd  Last Friday of the month – this post will list any item that I find fabulous whether it is a craft tool, new craft blog or a new craft item.

This updated Editorial Calendar will be good for January and February.  If this new calendar works then it will not change.

Have a wonderful day!!!



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