One to cross off my list….

Photo by author and used with permission.

Photo by author and used with permission.

Towards the beginning of the month, I posted about my monthly aspirations for January.  You can read it here.  In this post, I talk about registering for One Little Word presented by Ali Edwards.  Well I have taken the plunge and registered for it!

I had a small list of words that I was contemplating on using for this project but I have narrowed it down and finally picked CREATE.  This word is meaning full to me and has been jumping out at me since October of last year.  Little did I know then that it would be for a reason!  I have downloaded all of the materials, seen the video, and read the handout.  I followed what Ali suggested in that I went through my personal stash of scrapbooking supplies and I did not have an available 8 1/2 x 11 3-ring album.  All of my albums are post and except for one they are all 12 x 12.  This will be my first official 8 1/2 x11 project.  I do have tons of paper however for the color scheme that I am planning, I don’t have enough for this project.  So, I have gone online (I have no local scrapbooking stores that sell these items) and purchased my album, protector sleeves listed in the supply list and some washi tape.  Now I know that I don’t need to buy washi tape for this project, but I have never used it before and I am really excited to try it.  Also, when I went to Target yesterday, I purchased a journal just for my OLW project and a small package of paper that is pink.  I am waiting for my album, protector sheets, and washi tape to arrive in the mail.  I am hoping it is soon!!!  I have already starting writing my thoughts in my OLW journal.

Photo by author and used with permission.

Photo by author and used with permission.

Are you joining the One Little Word project with me?  If so, what word did you pick?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have a very crafty day!  🙂



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