Envelope Punch Board – Now Available!


Now available for ordering is the Envelope Punch Board.   This new tool will allow you to make your own envelopes.  You can make them the size you want (up to 66 different sizes including standard size) and with the paper you want (many different pattern and colors to choose from).  Just imagine those who receive your Stampin’ Up! cards, when they receive them in beautifully matching envelopes!

Its small and lightweight which not only makes it easy to store, but portable too!  It comes with a scoring tool and a punch so that you could make rounded corners on your envelopes, if you wanted to.  They also have their own storage compartment on the tool itself so they stay together!  Take a look at how to use it here:

It is item number 133774 and you can order it now from my store!  Click on the Shop Now button below to order and don’t forget to use the Hostess Code E4PDKMNY to enter the Mystery Hostess drawing!



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