New Year’s Eve Plans…


Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve?  We, at the One Creative Mom household, have a tradition for New Year’s eve. Every other year, I have my daughter with me on New Year’s Eve and she is with her dad on New Year’s day.  This year I have her on the eve.  When I have her on the eve, my husband and I stay up late (or try to) watching the ball drop in Time Square and we have one of the two following menus for dinner:

1.     A steak dinner (usually a premium cut to celebrate the occasion), along with a side of veggies, my famous twice baked potatoes, and some type of desert.

2.     Several platters of appetizer which has included in the past:  my famous BLT deviled eggs, BBQ Turkey Meatballs, BBQ little Weenies, Tyson’s Chicken Wings (the very hot ones for my hubby and the Honey BBQ ones for me and my daughter), chips and dip, veggie tray, and hummus and pita chips.

This year we are opting for option number 2, and my hubby and I just finalized our menu this year.  For Christmas, several of our co-workers got us sausage, cheese and cracker sets.  We actually love these and save it for NYE as it makes our menu easy with less work for us.  Besides these sausage sets, we also have added my BLT Deviled Eggs, Jalapeno Poppers, Bruchetta, Potato Skins, Mini Pigs in a Blanket, and Almond Butter (given to us for Christmas by our neighbor) with crackers.

Two years ago, when I had my daughter last, we bought these funny NYE hats and noise makers.  It was an awesome night that year.  I know that this year will be another awesome night as well and we will pull out those hats and will need to get new noisemakers.

On the years we don’t have my daughter, my husband and I have a much more simple night.  We usually use option number 1 and call it an early night.  I set the alarm for about 11:30pm and turn on the tv to watch the ball drop.  Right before it does, I wake up my hubby and we wish each other Happy New Year.  That’s is.  I know, we are such fuddy duddies!

I hope you all have an awesome New Year’s Eve and happy party planning!



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