It’s finally here!!! part 1

Well it’s finally here!!!  The post you all have been waiting to read is finally here!  Our new craft studio is finally ready for some crafting magic!

Let’s start with the reminder of what it was before the transformation.

photo4 photo3 photo2When I first moved into our new house, the craft studio was just a storage room for unpacked boxes.  Well after several months of unpacking, we finally were able to empty it.  It took us a few weeks to get it fully painted.  My daughter and I did the painting.  I also went around the room before painting, taking out all of the nails and repairing the holes that were left behind.  It took so long to paint because the walls were made of wood paneling and it really absorbed each layer of paint.  We ended up painting three layers of paint because of this. 


First we had to clean the walls and repair any holes left from taking nails out of the wall.


And the painting begins!


Paint6 Paint7 Paint8


AFTER: One layer of paint.


My Roxy wanted to even help! Awwww….she is so darn cute!!


Please…please…PLEASE! Can I help!!!


AFTER: Three layers of paint! Nice and solid pink, just the way I wanted it!!

Paint2 Paint1

I don’t want this to be too long of a post, so I am going to end this one here.  Not to worry, the second part will be coming up soon with even more picture!

Thanks for reading this post and if you want to see more pictures or see some of my bloopers, check out my Facebook page and you will get to see special pictures that I won’t post here!



New Year’s Eve Plans…


Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve?  We, at the One Creative Mom household, have a tradition for New Year’s eve. Every other year, I have my daughter with me on New Year’s Eve and she is with her dad on New Year’s day.  This year I have her on the eve.  When I have her on the eve, my husband and I stay up late (or try to) watching the ball drop in Time Square and we have one of the two following menus for dinner:

1.     A steak dinner (usually a premium cut to celebrate the occasion), along with a side of veggies, my famous twice baked potatoes, and some type of desert.

2.     Several platters of appetizer which has included in the past:  my famous BLT deviled eggs, BBQ Turkey Meatballs, BBQ little Weenies, Tyson’s Chicken Wings (the very hot ones for my hubby and the Honey BBQ ones for me and my daughter), chips and dip, veggie tray, and hummus and pita chips.

This year we are opting for option number 2, and my hubby and I just finalized our menu this year.  For Christmas, several of our co-workers got us sausage, cheese and cracker sets.  We actually love these and save it for NYE as it makes our menu easy with less work for us.  Besides these sausage sets, we also have added my BLT Deviled Eggs, Jalapeno Poppers, Bruchetta, Potato Skins, Mini Pigs in a Blanket, and Almond Butter (given to us for Christmas by our neighbor) with crackers.

Two years ago, when I had my daughter last, we bought these funny NYE hats and noise makers.  It was an awesome night that year.  I know that this year will be another awesome night as well and we will pull out those hats and will need to get new noisemakers.

On the years we don’t have my daughter, my husband and I have a much more simple night.  We usually use option number 1 and call it an early night.  I set the alarm for about 11:30pm and turn on the tv to watch the ball drop.  Right before it does, I wake up my hubby and we wish each other Happy New Year.  That’s is.  I know, we are such fuddy duddies!

I hope you all have an awesome New Year’s Eve and happy party planning!


The Craft Studio is Almost Ready!!

The craft studio is almost ready!!!  I can’t show you anything yet.  I just have the last few small furniture pieces to get and I have that shopping trip planned for next Tuesday.    It is all coming together and it is looking good so far!  I can’t wait to show it all to you here.

It has been a long hard journey, a journey that I surprisingly enjoyed taking.  I put my heart and soul into the design of this room and I really love how it is coming together so far.   There were a few detours, but it was brought back on track and was push forward.

So in the next week or two I will try my first video posting and (crossing my fingers that it comes out good) and will post it for you all to see.  So until then, have a wonderful weekend!!


Update to Craft Studio!

So, I wanted to give you all an update to my craft studio situation.  It has been moving really slowly unfortunately.  It was not due to any specific reason, just life getting in the way of our plans. Before we moved into our house, we had to move my mother-in-law’s stuff into her new home.  We had the craft studio emptied and it just needed a good cleaning and vacuuming.  Now that we have moved in to the house, it is now the catch-all room for boxes.  This is how it looks now:


Yes, we will haven’t unpacked everything.  Here are some more pictures of the other side of the room.


And my computer desk looks like this:


Since these pictures were taken, we have emptied all of the kitchen boxes and they have been taken out of the craft studio and its a little bit more empty.  We haven’t done any more because for the longest time, about a month or so, we have been looking for the bolts that we use to put our bed together.  They were last seen in the craft room but have been missing for a while.  We have the headboard, footboard, and the supporting boards (its from Ikea) in the craft room.  Just today, we found the bolts for the bed so now my husband will be able to take out the headboard, footboard and the supporting boards and put our bed together in our bedroom and we will be able to start painting in the craft room.

So that is the update for now.  Thank you all for reading and following along.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

One Craft Studio, coming right up!!!!

Hi everyone! 

Within the next two to four weeks, my family and I will be moving to my mother-in-law’s previous home after she has moved into her new house.  This move will bring a craft studio to our house.  Although I am very ultra excited about having a dedicated room for all things crafting, it is not just for me.  When my husband first suggested the idea of a craft studio to me, I told him that I wanted it for the whole family, not just me.  We all agreed, it will include my husbands model car supplies and my daughter’s jewlery making supplies. 

There will be a place for my computer, a sewing station, a jewlery making station, a car model station, a place for my cricut machine, a place for a medium sized TV and a bookcase to hold paper and other embellishments.  Of course, this is just the bare bones of what I have planned so far.  Here are some ideas from my Pinterest board:






This is just a few of the 150 pins I have in my Craft Studio Ideas board.  If you want to see my full pinterest board title Craft Studio Ideas, you can find it here.   There are so many idea of how to arrage the studio that sometimes I feel overwhelmed.  Well before this craft studio is completed, we have a few things that need to be done.  The room needs to be repainted, the windows have to be repaired and painted along with the trim, I need to make curtians for the windows (no mini-blinds for my craft studio!) and it needs to be cleaned.  I also want to start hitting yard sales and estate sales to find just the right piece of furniture to use in the studio.  I plan to have vintage pieces in this room, well as much as my checkbook will allow!  🙂  Once we are ready to get started on the studio, I will take before, during and after photos and maybe…just maybe, if I can figure out how to edit and upload, I might do a video or two as well.  We will see how that turns out.

So, check out my pinterest board Craft Studio Ideas and let me know what your suggstions would be for our craft studio in the comments below.

Have a crafty day!


As 2012 comes to an end…

As 2012 comes to an end, most people look to making new year’s resolutions.  I don’t like resolutions because it is easy to break those resolutions.  Instead, I like using the term Action Plan.  It has a more positive, moving forward conotation to it.  So here is my Action Plan for 2013.

  1. Scrapbooking – I need to get my pictures from my Disney trip that I took in November printed and complete the scrapbook for this vacation.  I also need to complete my wedding album (yes its been two years since we were married.)  I already have the products for it, I just need to sit down and do it.
  2. Card Making – Another item for my action plan is to create about a dozen birthday cards for my family members and pre-make them so that I can just pull it out when its time to mail it to them.  I won’t have to be wondering what to make at the last minute.
  3. Crafting – I want to put to paper my ideas and plans for my crafting studio that I would love to have.  I will be requesting ideas from you, my readers, to help in finding the right products to use for organization, and for design ideas. 
  4. Diabetes – I need to stay on track and eat right, not only to lose weight, but to also bring my blood sugar levels down to an acceptable level so that I can be the most healthiest to get pregnant.
  5. Music – I have starting to learn how to play the guitar.  I am still a beginner, but my action plan includes practing twice a week so that I can continue to learn and grown as a musician.

This is my top 5 on my Action Plan for 2013.  What is on yours?  What crafty thing do you want to do for 2013?  Comment and share, I would love to hear what you have on your Action Plan!!

Lastly,  I would like to wish all of my readers a very prosperous and Happy New Year!

Used with permission. Icons by

Used with permission. Icons by

Fab Friday!!!

I want to start my Fab Friday posts with one of my favorite blogs.  This blog has given me so much inspiration especially when it came to designing and creating my daughter’s travel journal for our Walt Disney World trip last November.

My favorite craft blog is The Creative Place which is authored by Ashley Connelly.  Among other things Ashley is a graphic artist.  I sure wish I had that talent!!  🙂  My favorite item she creates are her journals, but I also like her DIY section and her etched jars.

So please stop by The Creative Place and say hi to Ashley Connelly.  Take a look around her site and if you so desire, shop her etsy shop at  The Creative Place.

Have a wonderful weekend!!